PLT® Poultry Litter Treatment

As the industry’s preferred poultry litter amendment, PLT® is known for its ability to eliminate ammonia and reduce litter pH for optimal litter ecology.

LS-PWT Poultry Water Treatment

Available in bulk, LS-PWT2® water acidifier lowers water pH to manage animal health or improve performance in poultry and swine.

SAS® Process Water Acidifier

SAS® process water acidifier maintains processing water at a pH ideal to maximize the antimicrobial properties of chlorine in processing water and chill systems.

AFG Animal Feed Grade

AFG (Animal Feed Grade) is used as a poultry feed acidulant and anion ingredient. Feed acidifiers are added to improve health and production of poultry.

ParlorPal® General Purpose Acidulant

ParlorPal® lowers pH, controls ammonia and reduces odor in dairy footbaths, cow bedding areas, calf pens and free stalls.


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