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A Strong Foundation Makes Full Potential Possible

The Jones-Hamilton Agricultural Division has the products and expertise to help our customers build strong foundations that maximize bird health…

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Small Beads, Big Performance

PLT has been meeting the biggest needs of poultry producers and integrators for more than 20 years. And unlike many…

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Step Toward More Profitable Paws

Good brooding practices go hand-in-hand with healthy, more profitable paws. They both begin with managing relative humidity and neutralizing ammonia….

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Tip the Scales, Raise Your Profits

With skyrocketing grain prices, anything that negatively impacts feed conversion is a huge drain on profits. Ammonia-caused performance decline is…

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Turn Litter into Gold

With the value of poultry litter as a fertilizer source rising, now’s the time to learn how to increase its…

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Poultry Performance Begins on the Floor

Your poultry pad could be draining yield and negatively affecting performance. Learn more about how treating your chicken pad after…

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Fuel and Feed Conversion are Hindering Profits

Floor challenges can significantly erode profits by increasing feed conversion and fuel usage while decreasing bird weight gain. Learn how…

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