Jerry Akerman

“I have been using PLT® whole house for more than one and a half years. I have sold number one in each of the last five flocks and am currently ranked number one for my five flock average. I feel PLT® is a major reason for my success.”

Lane Chambers

“Ten years ago a local university advised me to meet with a representative of the Jones-Hamilton Co. to discuss my performance problems. At that time, our farm’s five flock average was ranked 74th. We started using PLT® whole house and several flocks later we added PWT® to our standard operating procedures. In approximately one and a half years, we improved our five flock average to number two. We have used PLT® and PWT® with every flock since that time and plan to continue with the program.”

Ricky Stephens

I have been growing broilers since 1990. At the beginning, we had a few grow-outs then the company cleaned out the litter to the ground after each grow-out. This was continued for several years until the company allowed the growers to begin to grow on built-up litter. After we started growing on built-up litter the ammonia level wasn’t bad at first, but it began to significantly increase when we changed from curtain sidewalls to solid sidewalls. We started running more fan time to exhaust the ammonia which meant more costly heat time with propane. We had to do something about the ammonia. I found one product that worked well for us, but no one stocked it in our County so I had to become a dealer. After several years of this, I heard about PLT® and how well is was working well for growers. I went to a PLT® demonstration and after seeing how quick it began to eliminate the ammonia, I asked the Jones-Hamilton representative about becoming a dealer. I have been using and selling PLT® for several years now with great success.    

-Ricky Stephens

Bernie Harner

I’ve been growing turkeys since 1984. As we’ve all seen, farm performance seems to slip from time to time even though management consistently stays the same. That happened to my farm over the past two years. I was asked to give PLT® and PWT® a try to acidify the floors as well as the water to reduce the stress on the poults at move over and throughout the grow out. From our flock in the fall of 2010 until now I have been on the Jones-Hamilton Co recommended regimen for PLT® and PWT®.

I have been amazed at how my farm’s performance has improved on a consistent basis since we started.  We have had increased profits of 18% per flock on average, had better weight gain per day, reduced condemnation in the processing plant, and have had no cellulitis in any of our houses.  What is really exciting is that we marketed the birds on average 1 day per age earlier on the PLT®/PWT® program than a year ago and increased our gain per day by 0.0083 pounds on average in the past 6 flocks. We also gained on average ¾ of a pound more on a day younger bird.  Yes, I am a believer that acidifying the floors and water have been the major contributors to our increase in profitability.


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