The countless challenges in turkey and broiler production can stress birds and strip profits. Learn more about the variables at work in your poultry house or processing facility and what cost effective solutions are available for water and manure management and more.

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Hoof care, bedding and manure management put considerable stress on dairy operations. Learn how to lower pH, control ammonia and save money in dairy footbaths, bedding areas, calf pens, free stalls and beyond.

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If you’re having trouble with low feed intake, low weight gain and diarrhea, proper water acidification can optimize digestive enzyme activity in the gut and ensure optimum water intake for better performance.

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Innovative Species Specific Solutions for Poultry Production, Manure Management and Beyond

At Jones-Hamilton, we have built a team with diverse backgrounds in live production, processing and research. We understand the unique challenges each species presents and have created simple, elegant solutions to tough industry problems—all while maintaining the highest level of quality standards and purity within the industry.

Our knowledge enables us to partner with you and help you achieve your goals in dairy and poultry production, food safety and environmental management. We encourage you to explore our species specific solutions and contact our experts to discuss your situation.

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