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Copper Sulfate / ParlorPal Combination for Effective Cow Hoof Care

For years, copper sulfate has been used as a customary practice to reduce footbath water pH for cow hoof care, largely because no other effective alternative products were available. But along with the use of copper sulfate comes heavy metal discharge concerns. Regulations demand dairyman to have nutrient management plans to deal with contamination on cropland or pastureland. This time consuming process has left many dairymen looking for ways to reduce the use of copper sulfate.

The introduction of ParlorPal has provided dairyman with a safe, cost effective alternative for cow hoof care. ParlorPal is a dry, mineral acid that may be used in rotation or in combination with copper sulfate to maintain footbath pH below 4 for biologically effective levels. Blending ParlorPal in ratios of 2/3 Parlor Pal to 1/3 copper sulfate will improve availability of copper by as much as 50%. And since ParlorPal is a mineral acid, it is environmentally friendly so there are no heavy metal discharge concerns. Best of all, ParlorPal in footbaths for cow hoof care costs only pennies per cow.

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