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Managing Manure and Dairy Bedding

Environmental mastitis has long been a plaque for the dairyman causing losses in production and treatment that can exceed $300.00 per infected cow. Providing clean and dry bedding for cows is the best insurance against contracting mastitis causing bacteria. Removing wet dairy bedding and manure while cows are out of the stall during milking also helps to reduce contamination. However, it cannot eliminate mastitis causing bacteria.

There is another bedding management solution. The three main mastitis bacterium—e-coli, Klebsiella and Streptococcus—are all susceptible to low pH. Research has shown that daily treatment of free stalls to lower pH can substantially reduce these pathogenic bacteria.

By applying ParlorPal daily, the pH of all types of dairy bedding can be reduced to biologically effective levels. ParlorPal has the additional benefit of binding ammonia and substantially reducing harmful levels of airborne ammonia. The reduction of ammonia in confinement operations benefits livestock as well as employees.

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