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Jones-Hamilton Co. Celebrates Eight Years without Lost Time Accident

By July 17, 2020News

Jones-Hamilton Co. achieved eight years without a lost time accident (LTA) from a workplace injury or illness at their Ohio facility on July 6, 2020. Company leadership credits the dedication to safety initiatives by approximately 70 employees in reaching this milestone.

“This accomplishment is the result of an employee-led, company-wide culture that focuses on maintaining a safe working environment through ongoing training, consistent messaging and open communication while watching out for one another,” said Jones-Hamilton President, Bernie Murphy. “What’s even more impressive is that this milestone was reached during a time when working conditions and guidelines were being regularly modified in response to COVID-19.”

Jones-Hamilton Co. continually focuses on improvement in environmental, health and safety (EHS) initiatives. In 2019, the company implemented a department specific EHS monthly audit program designed to identify trends and prioritize corrective actions through behavior-based safety observations, environmental compliance reviews and security. The audits proved to be a useful tool for management to identify areas where retraining was needed, and correct safety or other compliance concerns within their department.

In addition, the company created a cross-functional safety team to improve internal communication on safety concerns, including opening dialogue with management and other departments on issues affecting them. The Ohio Chemistry Technology Council recognized these efforts by naming the company a winner in their 32nd annual Awards for Excellence in Environmental, Health, Safety & Security Performance.

“These initiatives assure performance above and beyond regulatory compliance and support our strong commitment to safety, security and the environment,” said Sam Perras, Corporate EHS Manager.

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