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Jones-Hamilton Co. Acquires FarmLab Innovations

By diciembre 19, 2019Noticias

Jones-Hamilton Co. expanded its agriculture-focused product offering with the recent acquisition of FarmLab Innovations, LLC from Piedmont Chemical Industries.

“We are excited about the products and experienced personnel that FarmLab brings to Jones-Hamilton and believe our synergistic relationship will enable greater reach and visibility in the markets we serve,” said Bernard Murphy, President, Jones-Hamilton Co.

North Carolina-based FarmLab Innovations developed a proprietary surface coating product line marketed as SWASHTM. The SWASH line includes products for use in swine farrowing units to reduce exposure of sows and piglets to environmental pathogens, in poultry houses on fans and cool cell pads to improve the efficiency and life of the ventilation equipment, and in hatcheries to improve chick and poult quality.

“Proper ventilation is a core component of good litter management,” said Murphy. “With the addition of the SWASH product line, we’re promoting a more complete litter management program by combining improved ventilation efficiency with superior ammonia control.”

Eric Spell will continue as FarmLab Director of Sales and Business Development. SWASH sales support and transportation will be serviced through the Jones-Hamilton Co. customer support team.

Learn more about SWASH at www.farmlabinnovations.com.

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