To celebrate 25 years of leading the industry, Jones-Hamilton Co. is selecting 25 lucky winners in our litter management stories sweepstakes.
For your chance to win, share your story about how your approach to litter management has changed in the last 25 years, or how PLT® has played a role.

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Need help looking back at how litter management has changed?

Check out our blog, Then and Now: The Creation and Evolution of Litter Management for a refresher on how growing birds on built-up litter began.

  • Share your unique litter management story or begin with one of our prompts.
  • I remember when litter management meant…..
  • The main difference in the way I manage litter now vs when I started growing is….
  • The biggest benefit I get from PLT® is……
  • I’ve been using PLT® for[ xx] years and without it……
  • I choose PLT® over other products because……