The PLT® Litter Stories Sweepstakes has concluded. Congratulations to our winners!

Cheryl Wylie, Byers Family Farm

Grand Prize Winner of a $500 Gift Card

“I choose PLT® over other products because since using PLT we have lost less birds and they are healthier. We have lower ammonia levels and our litter last longer, which means saving money and time. Overall we have seen a drop in birds with blind eyes, respiratory issues, and deceased birds. PLT has helped so much on our family farm.”

Tyson Loewen, Emerald Valley Farms

First Place Winner of a $250 Gift Card

“Last flock I was watching my ammonia meter and it was maxed out at 100ppm. Within 5 minutes of application of PLT® it plummeted to 7 ppm and stayed there.”

Phil Stayer, Sanderson Farms

Second Place Winner of a $200 Gift Card

“PLT® is an important part of our flock health and consumer safety programs. Our company has always encouraged our contract growers to use efficacious litter amendments as ancillary benefits to our flocks on their farms. PLT has proven to help reduce ammonia so air quality is better for chickens, farmers and their neighbors. Litter acidification, the means by which PLT works, has also been shown to reduce litter surface pathogen loads, including salmonella species. Our company sponsored PLT application by third party applicators as another step in reducing food safety organisms coming from our contract farmers’ houses.”