For your chance to win, share your story about how your approach to litter management has changed in the last 25 years, or how PLT® has played a role.

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Need help looking back at how litter management has changed?

Check out our blog, Then and Now: The Creation and Evolution of Litter Management for a refresher on how growing birds on built-up litter began.

Words from Our Winners

PLT is vital in the production scheme of an ABF world.

Mack Peeples, Pilgrim's Pride

I've been growing for 24 years and when I started growing for several years we didn't use PLT some times in the winter months we would have problems with blind eyes. We started using PLT and no more blind eyes it's been a great product for me its just easier to ventilate and maintain temperatures . PLT is a great product I don't use anything else but PLT for litter treatment.

Mitchell Henley, Tyson Foods

I am lowering my pH from 8.2 to 5.8 to benefit from a healthy gut in my Layer Chickens.

Peter Wipf, Hutterville Farming Co.

PLT is a must before chick placement to control ammonia, and is a great asset to put on the pad after a full clean out to lower PH .

Mickey Perigo, Tyson

The biggest benefit I get from PLT is a tremendous savings on propane. Less ammonia,less ventilation required,easier to keep desired temps.

Bill Parks, Parks Poultry

Since using PLT we have lost less birds and they are healthier. We have lower ammonia levels and our litter last longer, which means saving money and time. Overall we have seen a drop in birds with blind eyes, respiratory issues, and deceased birds. PLT has helped so much on our family farm.

Cheryl Wylie, Byers Family Farm

We use PLT in both of our 60x652 barns to enable less min vent times thus lowering our heating costs. The way this product tackles the ammonia is a life saver not only for my wife and I but the birds also. Since we started using PLT in early 2017 our performance has improved and we are pleased with what it has done for our farm!

David Mellinger, Royale Acres Poultry

I use PLT every flock!

Mike Sylla, Pilgrim's Pride

PLT always works and does a great job!

John Wesley
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  • The biggest benefit I get from PLT® is……
  • I’ve been using PLT® for[ xx] years and without it……
  • I choose PLT® over other products because……