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Litter Moisture in Dry Winter Months

By | News, PLT
Managing the moisture content of litter requires a careful balancing act. Its importance cannot be understated as maintaining moisture levels of 20-40% serves as the basis for management recommendations on microbial growth, litter pasteurization and ammonia volatility. Litter serves as...
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Ventilation, PLT & Animal Welfare

By | News, PLT
Let's explore what we know about the relationship between winter ventilation, fuel costs and ammonia, and how together they can greatly impact bird welfare and performance. Higher litter moisture = Increased Ammonia Fuel = greatest single producer expense Decreased ventilation...
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Measuring Animal Welfare with Paw Health

By | News, PLT
In a recent article, we discussed how moisture is the number one variable producers can manage to help control ammonia production, thereby boosting bird performance. However, performance gains are just the beginning. When identifying ways to improve animal welfare, moisture...
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