PLT Applicator Service

Jones-Hamilton has developed a network of professional PLT applicators to simplify the litter amendment application process and help producers realize the full benefits of PLT at a more cost-effective price.

Why hire a litter amendment applicator?

To become a certified PLT applicator, companies must make a significant equipment investment as well as complete training on precise application procedures. This allows applicators to act as an extension of Jones-Hamilton personnel—providing customized service and insights, such as the development of complex-specific guidelines for PLT application and usage suggestions that maximize PLT’s benefits for specific house conditions.

Working with a PLT applicator allows producers to:

  • Schedule PLT application without the need to manage product transportation
  • Eliminate the need to purchase or maintain application equipment
  • Easily access valuable litter management programs by providing feedback about their needs and concerns

To find a PLT applicator near you, contact your Jones-Hamilton representative.

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