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Eliminate Ammonia-Caused Performance Losses to Improve Poultry Feed Conversion

The moment you place baby chicks or poults on your floor, their health and ability to thrive is being challenged by a variety of environmental factors—most notably ammonia. Large amounts of ammonia being released from the litter can cause paw burns, blindness and respiratory tract lesions—all of which affect the chickens’ desire to eat and drink, thereby raising feed conversion. With the rising price of feed, achieving or maintaining a low feed conversion is vital to profitability.

In 2005, a study was conducted on three low-performing farms to see how using PLT®-poultry litter treatment would affect their feed conversion and placement on the settlement sheet. These three farms applied the proper rate of PLT for their litter age in the brood chamber for two consecutive flocks. Their performance was then measured against the previous 6-flock averages for those farms.

Feed costs on these farms improved by 4.4 tenths of a cent per pound—enough to pay for the cost of the PLT plus an additional $250 per house. Feed conversion improved by an incredible seven points—no small number, especially when you consider that one point in feed conversion equals one million dollars a year on average.

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“After using PLT as a pad acidifier on my farm where we had poor feed conversion and low weights since the farm was built, we have noticed a huge improvement! The previous 4 flocks averaged 3.82 lbs. with a 1.76 feed conversion, but after applying PLT to the pad at 150 lbs./1,000 sqft. the flock averaged 4.13 lbs. with a 1.69 feed conversion.

Walter Henson

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