Manipulating pH to Improve Poultry Production

pH is the measure of the number of hydrogen ions in solution. The more hydrogen ions in a solution, the lower, or more acidic, the pH will be.  A higher pH indicates a more basic, or alkaline, the solution. In poultry production, pH plays a vital role in numerous areas.

  • In Litter. pH is important for ammonia binding and shifts in litter ecology.
  • In Water. pH control de-scales water lines while delivering palatable water for maximum consumption and crop acidification.
  • In Chillers. Proper pH levels allow for chlorine optimization.
  • In Scalders. Ideal pH levels allow birds to be picked easily without sacrificing yield or increasing microbial load.
  • In Feed Additives. Reduction of pH of the diet has been shown to improve enzyme and immune function, weight gain, and feed intake and conversion.

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