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For any pig, water is a driving force of growth. However, studies have shown that water at the proper pH can be a powerful driver of health and performance.

The low pH of gastric contents of swine is thought to kill many ingested bacteria. But in a newly weaned piglet, gut maturation is not complete and so their gastric pH is notably higher. Pigs weaned at 3-4 weeks almost always exhibit low feed intake, low weight gain, and in many cases, diarrhea. Acidifying pig water can help reduce some of these challenges by lowering the pH of the intestinal contents to the proper level.

Why Acidify Swine Water?

A low pH is required for conversion of pepsinogen to pepsin, the active form of the most important gastric proteolytic enzyme. The pH activity profile of pepsin shows it to be most active at a low pH. Therefore, acidified water can promote:

  • Digestive enzyme activity in the gut
  • Optimum water intake
  • Improved effectiveness of chlorine

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